Rock Climbing & Mountaineering Accidents

Rock climbing is a sport that involves plenty of preparation and the necessity for many safety precautions to be in place. As with other similar outdoor adventure activities such as mountaineering and high wiring, rock climbing does have dangers and risks and it helps if the climber is well informed of those risks and how they might be reduced, and the types of accidents that can occur. However, if you do suffer an injury whilst taking part in climbing activities you may have a right to claim for compensation. Common climbing injuries are:

Bad fall causing abrasions, fractures or worse due to breaking or failing of climbing ropes or other equipment Rope burns due to the climber not wearing correct protective equipment Dislocation of limbs following a wrong move often caused by lack of skills and training Lacerations to face and limbs from sharp rock surfaces that could be avoided if the correct equipment is worn Arm, hand and finger injuries often suffered by those new to rock climbing due to over usage of these parts

Factors to bear in mind when assessing if your injury was the fault of another person are:

Due to our extensive experience in handling compensation claims relating to outdoor adventure activities, we have the expertise to help you. To obtain the highest compensation settlement for you we will take into account the severity of your injuries, loss of earnings, medical fees and travel expenses and your ability to carry on as you did before the accident.

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