Cycling Accidents

Every year an increasing number of people are choosing cycling as their method of fitness or even travel to work but as this number increases so does the number of cycling-related accidents and injuries. It is estimated that there are 19,000 cycle accidents reported each year but with many more never reported suggesting that a large majority of cyclists are not aware that they could be eligible to make a bike accident compensation claim when involved in an accident that wasn't their fault. Some common causes of cycling accidents resulting in injuries are:

Our bike accident team has represented many cyclists who have been injured whilst out cycling. These may be minor injuries such as cuts, road rash and minor concussion to life changing injuries such as skull fractures and brain damage or even, tragically, fatal accidents.

Not only do we recover compensation for your personal injury, we will also arrange for the recovery and repair of your bike, equipment and clothing. Whether you use your bike for commuting, leisure, mountain biking or in competitive bike sports, we can help you if you have been injured as a result of a cycling accident that was not your fault. It is vital that you report the injuries as soon as possible after the incident and if possible take photographs of the scene of the accident.

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