Expeditions & Trekking Accidents

The number of accidents in the expedition industry is very small and most of the providers in this sector operate excellent safety systems and emergency back-up procedures. However, accidents are an occupational hazard for expeditions and in this fast growing adventure tourism sector, the risk of injury or even death is always present.

The members of an expedition owe a duty of care to each other and all those that they come into contact with during the expedition. A person will be considered negligent if it can be shown that they did not exercise their duty of care and a person has suffered an injury or loss as a result of this. If you or a companion have an accident whilst on an expedition it is important to consider the following facts:

If any of the above points can be shown to be lacking and you have suffered an injury then you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

Expeditions often involve groups of young people such as school children or guides and scouts.

We have extensive experience in handling expedition compensation claims including an arctic expedition incident involving a polar bear attack, mountaineering accidents and cross-country skiing accidents. We aim to achieve the highest financial settlement for your accident.

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