Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost me anything for an initial discussion?

No. We will be pleased to answer any initial worries you may have by telephone or e-mail. If you wish us to telephone you back then please send your number to us via the 'Make an Enquiry' button. You will be under no obligation to continue your claim if you decide not to after speaking to us.

How can I pay for my legal services?

A legal expense policy - if you have a legal expenses policy (through your travel or other insurance), this could be used to pay for your legal expenses. We will check this for you.

Our no-win, no-fee agreement. Under certain circumstances, we can offer this option. We would act under a conditional fee arrangement backed by a suitable insurance policy. We will explain this in full to you.

Paying privately - we will be happy to discuss with you if appropriate.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, all details regarding how your case is going to be run will be discussed prior to you moving forward with the case so that you fully understand how your case is funded.

How soon after an accident must a claim for personal injury compensation be issued?

The answer depends on the nature of your claim or where it is pursued. In most cases the answer is three years form the date of the accident or 21st birthday of a Claimant injured when under 18.

However, there are exceptions for example if you are pursuing a personal injury claim against an individual or an organisation in another country then it is the time limit of that other country which is relevant and that could be as little as one year from the date of the accident. That's why it's important to start pursuing the claim immediately after the accident, so there's as much time as possible to prepare the case. In addition, commencing a claim for personal injury compensation right away will make collecting evidence must easier, since memories of the event will be clearer and more detailed.

What is my next step?

Contact us. We will talk you through what support we can give you, what information we would need, how the case would be paid for, how to access the medical care and support you may need now or in the future. We can also help with returning you home should this be necessary.

Will I have to go to Court?

The majority of cases will settle before having to go to Court and if you did then we would explain what is involved and you would be accompanied by a lawyer.

What experience of outdoor adventure activity claims does your firm have?

We have over 20 years' experience of pursuing traumatic personal injury claims on behalf of those injured in outdoor adventure activities including:

  • Claims against tour operators
  • Claims against activity organisers
  • Claims against venue owners
  • Claims against instructors
  • Claims against equipment providers