Water Sports & Boating Activities Accidents

Water sport or boating activities cover a wide range of recreational pursuits popular both in this country and on holiday abroad. These may include canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, yachting, jet skiing, rowing, speed boating or wind surfing.

Whilst these sports can be great fun, they should also be safe. However, accidents do happen and often as a result of another participant. We have acted for many clients, injured whilst engaged in these activities due to:

Water sport and boating accidents are wide and varied but the injuries can be serious leaving an individual with high dependency on others. Head injuries are very common in such accidents since protective headgear is not worn in many of the activities. Collisions on the water, whether it be with a person, another craft, rock or other natural obstruction, rarely see the participants emerge totally unscathed. Often the injuries are serious with a long and tough recovery ahead.

Our specialist solicitors have the experience and an in-depth knowledge of water sports or boating accidents and can advise you as to whether you are entitled to claim for compensation. If your injury has resulted in loss of earnings, medical expenses, travel expenses or even home adaptations and assistance, we will ensure that your compensation settlement amount reflects the severity of your injuries.

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